Blue Angels-Jeff Kuss Memorial Sticker

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The Capt. Kuss/Blue Angel's Memorial Patch/Sticker Project is now complete. 7/31/16

We took donations for 801 patch orders and 179 sticker orders.

300 patches and 150 stickers were sent to the Blue Angels, free of charge.

30 patches and 100 stickers were sent to the Kuss/Perino Family, free of charge.

First, we would like to thank the Blue Angel's fans for the outpouring of support for the Kuss family and The Blue Angels. You all made this possible.

Second, we would like to thank ‰ۻ#‰Û_SquadronNostalgia‰ÛÂ and‰ۻ#‰Û_TheAviatorDownFoundation‰ÛÂ for their help. Squadron Nostalgia created two plaques at cost. One for the family and one for the Blue Angels. Additionally, they are building a custom F-18 for the family.

The Aviator Down Foundation makes this project tax deductible under EIN #47-4527071. Today, we're sending proceeds in the amount of $5,776.03 from this no profit project to the Aviator Down Foundation.

Jack HintonåÊ