F/A-18A/C/D Hornet Swarm in Desert Storm

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8.5 x 11" Aircraft Decals with detailed placement instructions included.

This decal sheet was 30 years in the making!

Seven squadrons, 17 options, countless hours of research and a shit load of Marines and friends that helped!

Created with the assistance of :

MajGen Kevin "Wolfy" Iiams, CG 3rd MAW (flew with VMFA-451)

LtCol Jay "Guinness" Stout USMC Ret. (451)

LtCol Vic "Clam" Simpson USMC Ret. (232 CO)

LtCol Juergen "Baron" Lukas USMC Ret. (314)

LtCol Joe "Crip" Riley USMC Ret. (212)

Maj Mike "Evil Frog" Pedersen USMC Ret. (121 WSO)

Maj Robert "Boomer" Knutzen USMC Ret. (314)

Scott Baker (232)

Matt Voss (212)

Randall Hinkley (232)

Todd Jurena (232)

Joe Marshall (121)

David F Brown

Jakub Cikhart

John Colvin

Christopher Bienvenu

Personal notes and photos

100% Made in the USA!