Original US Border Patrol Air Operations patch (Running Man)- No Velcro

Original US Border Patrol Air Operations patch (Running Man)- No Velcro

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This is a reproduction of the original, which was created 30+ years ago. åÊIt's 3.25", slightly larger than the original. åÊHere is the story of this patch:

The BP Air Ops patches we designed in San Diego about 30+ years ago. åÊThe PilotsåÊjust wore them on Non-uniform jackets, hats, etc.åÊ The BP was extremely strict about wearing anything on a uniform (The BP considered flight suits a uniform as it had a regulation BP patch on it)....åÊ
åÊåÊåÊåÊ The "running illegal alien/Mexican" as that patch was called was the first and original patch made.åÊ The pilot who hadåÊbeenåÊthe leadåÊin the designåÊorderedåÊ patches, T-shirts (big patch on back), etc....He later had OPR (office of professional responsibility--head hunters)) come to him & order him to quit selling the patches, t-shirts, etc. as it was derogatory to Mexicans/Illegal aliens.....they also ordered him to give up the names of everyone he sold the patches & t-shirts to...
åÊåÊ .åÊWELL, this pilot was shrewd as ever...The Regional Director, a political appointee from Ronald Reagan, Hal Ezell.åÊ Now ole Hal Ezell loved the pilots....He would fly with us all the time chasing aliens.åÊ He saw the T-shirts & patches and ordered 25 t-shirts for his buddies (Ronald Reagan, Ed Meese-Attorney General, and others)åÊ Well the pilot sent a letter to OPR telling them they needed to talk to Hal Ezell the Regional Comm. because he ordered 25 of the t-shirts & patches.åÊ After a few weeks the Pilot received a letter from OPRåÊsaying "never mind" about the list of people, just do not sell any more...
åÊåÊ The original "running Mexican/illegal alien" had a sombrero for a hat and this was changed so has not to "offend" the illegal alien Mexicans....
åÊåÊåÊ Later the "running alien" was dropped and the cactus was added.åÊ Again, the BP pilots were never allowed to wear any Non-regulation patches on their flight suits, jackets, etc. if it was an Official BP uniform item.

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