VT-7 Memorial Patch- No Velcro

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This patch was created in coordination with VT-7 in honor of LTJG Wallace "Hershey" Burch and LT Patrick "Tank" Ruth, who were killed in a training accident in Meridian, MS on Oct. 1st, 2017. åÊ

This patch is 3.5" shoulder patch. åÊIt features a gold star for each aviator, on either side of the aircraft call sign, Talon 17 and a silhouette of the T-45 with the date of the mishap.

The production of this patch was funded by the Wingman Foundation. åÊAll proceeds from the donations for this patch go directly to the Wingman Foundation. åÊThis is our 9th memorial patch. åÊOnce again, it is a no-profit project.