Capt. Kuss Memorial Patch

Posted by Allyn Hinton on

On June 2nd, we saw the loss of Capt. Kuss, who was the #6 Opposing Solo pilot for the Blue Angels.  We obtained a license from the Navy to produce the Blue Angels design.  This project is in full swing.  I'm still working on finalizing the patch design.  I'll begin sharing a photo of the actual patch on FB soon.  We have stickers in stock.  Sticker only orders will ship within the next week or two.  We did get 100 stickers up to Durango, Co for the funeral service on 6-11-16.  Our deepest sympathies are with the family and the Blues.  This is our 3rd memorial patch.  These projects take a lot of time to complete, about a month.  Everything we do ends up free of charge, after we make a donation to the family.

We're still getting caught up from our OH-58 project.  The coins were completed last week.  We're getting 20 order per day out.  Everything is in stock, so OH-58 stuff will ship quickly.

We're getting ready for the Popasmoke reunion in JAX in August.  We'll be bringing 10,000 patches, including our new CH-46 commemorative design and the UH-34D HUS patches, stickers and coins.


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