About Us

Allyn Hinton started marinepatches.com in 2002.  The guys from the Vietnam Marine Corps Helicopter squadrons were having reunions and some of them wanted the old squadron patches, which could no longer be found.  Allyn Hinton became an Army Reserve Huey/Blackhawk pilot in 1981.

Jack Hinton also became a helicopter pilot with the US Army, then later a Deputy US Marshal and later a US Customs Air agent.  On one of the Customs reunion FB pages, guys began posting up photos of their old patches.  Some guys had nice collections and some guys were looking for patches that they were missing.  So, Jack Hinton teamed up with his dad and they re-created all of the legacy US Customs Air branch and unit patches and put them into a "bundle".

Now, Marine Patches has branched out!  We can create any patch design with a high quality photo or a .jpg, if you want to re-create an existing patch or we'll work with you to create a custom patch.  Pricing depends on the number of patches ordered.  The smaller the number, the more expensive the patch.  All prices are the same, with or without velcro:

These are generally the prices for embroidered patches.  Pricing may vary slightly depending on the design:

50 for $5.50 each
100+ for $4.00 each
200+ for $3.50 each

25-99 patches are $4.00 each
100+ patches are $3.00 each
200+ patches are $2.50 each

300+ patches are $2.00 each