Patch Information

You can purchase existing patches or you can create your own custom design.  E-mail us directly at, if you have a design that you'd like to create.  If you'd like to purchase a bulk order larger than 25, go ahead and place your order.  We'll refund the difference for the bulk price.

You can e-mail us at  Please attach your patch design.  We need to know the size, quantity and with or without velcro for a new production patch.  The minimum is 25 patches for $4.00 each.

Here is our PVC pricing:
50 is the absolute minimum for $5.50 each
100 PVC for $4.00 each
200 PVC for $3.50 each

Embroidery Pricing:

25-99 Embroidery for $4.00 each

100+ Embroidery for $3.00 each
200+ Embroidery for $2.50 each

300+ Embroidery for $2.00 each

Coins start about $5.50 each, 100 is the absolute minimum

Embroidered Polo shirts are about $30 each

Embroidered ball caps for about $20 each

Leather patches are $50 each for antique and $65 each for full color hand painted.

You can can also call at 636 299-0603 on US Central time.