Skid Kids T-Shirts

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I'm really sorry the Skid Kids T-shirts are taking so long.  There was a lot of effort and coordination that went on prior to production.  The first issue was the use of the USMC EGA.  As it turned out, we have a license to use it at  The next issue was coordinating the orders.  I used this site to collect the orders and offer different sizes and colors.  In the the end, I had 110 orders for 140 T-shirts for $3433.  I spent a lot of personal time on this and DID NOT make any money.  When I triple checked that all the orders were correct and complete, I marked them as "fulfilled" on my end.  This generated an automated e-mail that said your T-shirt was "shipped", when in fact it was not.  I forwarded all the orders and money to Grunt Style, which are now out of my hands.  I only learned yesterday that Grunt Style's turnaround is about a month.  So, I expect that the T-shirts will go out around 7-20.  Thanks for your patience!  ~Jack

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