US Army 498th Medivac Patch with "Dust Off" Tab

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This is the Vietnam patch for the 498th Medivac.  It's 5" tall x 3.5" wide

The 498th Medical Company (AA) was constituted in the Regular Army as Company C, 57th Medical Battalion, on 13 January 1941 and activated on 10 February 1941 at Fort Ord, California. On September 10th 1941, the unit was reorganized and redesignated as the 498th Collecting Company, and after serving in WWII, was inactivated at Camp Shanks, New York on 24 October 1945. The 498th was redesignated as the 498th Preventive Medicine Company on 11 September 1950 and activated on 2 October of that year at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The unit was reorganized and rededicated the 498th Medical Company on 19 June 1953 only to be inactivated on 24

September 1956 at Fort Meade, Maryland.

On 23 September 1964, the unit was activated as an air ambulance company at Fort Sam Houston, Texas and deployed to Vietnam. Upon return to the states in October 1971 the unit was relocated to Fort Jackson, SC, Fort Stewart, GA and Fort Benning, GA and has remained in service at Ft. Benning to this day.

Key Features:
1. Embroidered Patches- Embroidered more densely with synthetic thread that makes it
    thicker and more durable.
2. Vibrant Color, with rich and contrasting colored thread that makes the patch more           eye catching.
3. Neat Finish- Made with simple composition and crisp detailed work that keeps the
     patch look non-cluttered and neat.

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